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Therapy Services

Behavioral Health Therapy Services

Behavioral health therapy services include:

  • Individual and Family Therapy

  • Group Therapy

  • Therapeutic Behavioral On-Site Therapy (TBOS)


Individual and Family Therapy

Individual and family therapy services include the provision of insight-oriented, cognitive behavioral or supportive therapy interventions to an individual recipient or a recipient’s family.

Individual and family therapy may involve the recipient, the recipient’s family without the recipient present, or a combination of therapy with the recipient and the recipient’s family. The focus or primary beneficiary of individual and family therapy services must always be the recipient.


Therapeutic Behavioral On-Site Services for Recipients _- Under the Age of 21 Years

Therapeutic behavioral on-site services are intended to prevent recipients who have complex needs from requiring placement in a more intensive, restrictive behavioral health setting. These services are coordinated through individualized treatment teams and are designed to assist recipients and their families.


Therapeutic behavioral on-site—therapy services

Therapeutic behavioral on-site services are intended to maintain the recipient in the home (permanent or foster). Services are limited to recipients under the age of 21 years meeting specific eligibility criteria.