The Pandemic has caused new experiences and lifestyle changes

The Pandemic has caused new experiences and lifestyle changes

Going back to school was certainly one of them! As mental health providers, we have learned that just like one’s mental health treatment, each student’s education will look different this year as well. There is no right or wrong answer and what may work best for one student and family may not work for others.

With everything that we are experiencing right now as a community, it is important that above all else, we practice grace with ourselves as well as each other.

There will be times schooling may look different or may not be as effective. We are seeing an array of choices in the facilitation of schooling, to include brick and mortar classes, virtual learning, and hybrid learning.

I challenge you as parents (and now educators) to think outside of the box. Be creative with this time we have with our kids and aim to facilitate a learning environment that works for their learning style. Check out the following ideas below for some ways to supplement your child’s schooling while having fun in the process!


  • Taking walks and integrating physical activity as Gym Class
  • Allow your children to help you cook in the kitchen and learn measuring and cooking lessons
  • Art Projects that can be done as a family
  • Field Trips: Check out free museums and parks in the area (Make sure to wear your PPE wear and wash your hands)
  • Getting your student involved in a sports team or after school club for socialization and extracurricular activities