Right Path Behavioral Health

About Us

Welcome to Right Path Behavioral Health Services. RBPHS was established in 2010 to provide needed services and support for youth, adults, and families who suffer from mental health, behavioral health substance abuse, and co-occuring disorders. Our goal is to reduce the client’s disability, and restoration to the best possible functional level for the client within their homes and communities.

Since the establishment of Right Path Behavioral Health Services, we have served many deserving individuals and their families with a fresh outlook on a broad range of programs and services. This has been accomplished through collaborative effort of support from dedicated staff members and community supporters. Right Path Behavioral Health Services will continue to create partnerships that share the goals of the organization to strengthen our neighborhoods, families, and communities by providing quality services.

Our Vision

Inspire people to experience a fulfilling life by expanding mental health awareness to break the stigma.

Our Goal

Create a family style environment that delivers care, concern and commitment to our staff, clients, and their families.

Our Mission

Enrich the lives of individuals diagnosed with mental health diagnosis through client focused care.

Who we provide services to

Right Path Behavioral Health Services are for children, adolescents and adults who suffer from mental and emotional health/substance abuse diagnosis.

About Us

Providing services and support to youth &
adults suffering from Mental Health
and/or Behavioral Disorders.


Address 1 : 3890 Dunn Ave. Suite 1104
Jacksonville, FL 32218
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Telephone: (904)-765-0665
Fax: (904)-765-0664
Email: info@rightpathbehavior.com
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