Positivity: What It Can Do For Your Mental Health

Positivity: What It Can Do For Your Mental Health

Each day we wake up, we are faced with the decision of how we want to start our day. We are in charge of how we feel, how we think, and how we respond to any situation. Choosing to be positive can help in the following ways:

–          It can boost your mood

–          Help in building resilience

–          Allow for you to be present in the moment and enjoy what is happening around you

–          Increased Productivity

–          Enhances your overall attitude

–          Add to the overall enjoyment in your life!

At Right Path Behavioral Health Services, we operate off the idea that positivity is of upmost importance, not only in our work but also in how we treat each other. Here are some tips that can help you in having a more positive mindset:

–          Eat a good meal

–          Exercise

–          Do something for someone else

–          Journal about what you are grateful for

–          Open up to someone (this also helps in establishing and maintaining relationships!)

So now I ask you, as the reader, I challenge you to add one new routine to your day to boost your positive mindset!

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

When we think of our overall health and wellness, mental health is something that is often forgotten or pushed to the back burner. There are many underlying reasons for this; one of the most prominent being that mental health related issues are often deemed invisible and thus go unnoticed.

Each May (as well as each and every day) we at Right Path recognize and promote Mental Health Awareness. We work to raise consciousness and break the stigma that can often come with Mental Health Related Disorders. Additionally, we work to educate our team members and visitors on the importance of self-care and provide resources to feel their best.

The reality is, that given the right circumstance, mental health related issues can affect each and every individual in society. That being said, it is important to remember that
you are enough and it is ok to not feel ok. On Friday, May 17th, 2019, we will be celebrating #Mental Health Awareness with food, fun, and testimonials. Please come join us from 11AM- 2PM as we work to #Break The Stigma!

An Introduction To Right Path

An Introduction To Right Path

Welcome to Right Path! We are committed to helping people. We are passionate. We care. We help people reach their fullest potential.

At Right Path Behavioral Health Services, we are passionate about helping those around us. We assist others in meeting their ideal goals and maximum potentials. We offer support when people need it most. We operate from the most evidenced-based treatment approaches while working together to wrap around clients in their time of need. But most importantly, we treat people with the dignity and respect they deserve.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, “one in five adults in the United States are diagnosed with a mental illness.” Additionally, “one in five children will also be diagnosed with a mental health related illness.”

At Right Path, we recognize that people benefit most from an insight oriented, individualized approach that focuses on building on their existing strengths and skill sets. Each client receives a comprehensive assessment upon admission to determine the most appropriate treatment regimen to include any of the following services: Targeted Case Management, Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Therapy, and Psychiatric Services.

Please feel free to contact us so we can tell you about all of the great services we offer to the community!