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CBHCM/CBHCMS Certification Training

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Domain Information

Engagement and Assessment (initial and ongoing) (9 hours)

Case Management Principles and Core Functions • Screening Instruments, Procedures and Techniques • Assessment Instruments, Procedures and Techniques • Behavioral Health Conditions – Mental Health/Substance Use • Risk Factors/Risk Assessment (safety, suicide, etc.) • Client Engagement Strategies • Skills to Build Rapport • Motivational Interviewing • Functional Assessment

Service Planning and Development (initial and ongoing) (8 hours)

• Strengths-based and Person-Centered Planning • Components of a Service Plan • Collaboration with Collateral Resources • Developing Goals and Objectives • Writing Measureable and Effective Service Plans • Prioritization of Needs across Functional Domains • Measuring Success • Principles of Recovery/Recovery Supports • Service Plan Monitoring and Updates • Strategies for Termination or Transfer of Services

Coordination, Linkage and Monitoring (13 hours)

• Making Effective Referrals and Follow-ups • Networking and Collaboration with Community Resources/Services • Linkage to Formal and Informal Supports • Strategies to Build Partnerships and Alliances • Communication Skills • Multidisciplinary Teamwork • Confidentiality Laws and Regulations • Advocacy for Client Services and Supports

Documentation (10 hours)

Assessment, Discharge or Transfer Summaries • Progress Notes • Documentation Requirements and Techniques • Records Management/Use of Technology for Documentation • Privacy & Confidentiality

Professional, Legal and Ethical Responsibilities (10 hours)

• Professional Boundaries • Cultural Competence • Ethical Decision Making / Code of Ethics • Laws / Rules & Regulations • Privacy / Confidentiality / HIPPA • Relationships / Dual Relationships • Sexual Misconduct • Effective Use of Supervision and Case Consultation • Computer and Social Media Ethics