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Mental Health Disorder

When diagnosed with a mental health disorder, effective management of symptoms is often considered the most critical service. While managing the symptoms of mental illness is vital to ensure a meaningful recovery, this is not the only area of concern. Specifically, mental health disorders often result in significant difficulties and deficits in social, interpersonal, academic, and vocational functioning. Unlike traditional therapy, the Community Support Department assists with restoring and strengthening functional deficits and provides two levels of service.

Community Support

Community Support (PSR) utilizes an evidence-based program to facilitate social skills, coping skills, strategies to cope with peer pressure, healthy lifestyle choices, and anger management skills. PSR service also includes teaching individualized skill sets in the areas of money management, job readiness, maintenance of one’s living environment, meal preparation and planning, and psychoeducational tools necessary to complete his/her activities of daily living. PSR services are provided to all clients aged 6 and over and can be provided in an individual or group setting.

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