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Right Path Behavioral Health

Right Path Behavioral Health, LLC (RPBH) was established in October of 2010 to provide needed services and support to youth and adults who suffer from mental health and/or behavioral health disorders.

Since the establishment of Right Path Behavioral Health, LLC (RPBH), we have served many deserving youth, adults, and their families with a fresh outlook on a broad range of programs and services. This has been accomplished through a collaborative effort of support from dedicated staff members, and community supporters.


Right Path Behavioral Health

The mission of Right Path Behavioral Health Services LLC (RPBHS) is to provide high quality of behavioral health and therapeutic services throughout the City of Jacksonville and the State of Florida, to help ensure the stability of the family unit by providing this quality service and helping manage the lives of those who are lacking due to some behavioral or mental health conditions. To enrich these families lives so they become self-sufficient as we guide them on the right path to a healthy and successful life. We plan on doing this by employing the best qualified personnel possible, providing them with the necessary training and needed resources, to assist us in the mission.

Our Goal

Right Path Behavioral Health

Our primary goal is to strengthen our Communities, Schools and Families through the utilization of services provided by Right Path Behavioral Health Services, that will help strengthen the mental stability of our clients and help develop the family structure. Our goal consists of helping in developing their lives through Community Support, Therapy and Case Management Services, in order for them to have a more productive and successful future.


Right Path Behavioral Health

To establish multiple offices throughout the region with a solid base of qualified employees and managers, that will assist in the efforts of providing behavioral health, targeted case management and therapeutic services to our clients based on our principles of Care, Concern and Commitment, for our clients and their families.

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Right Path Behavioral Health,LLC

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