Back to School We Go!

Back to School We Go!

As we prepare with our new backpacks, school supplies, and smiling faces, we simultaneously feel the butterflies in our bellies and first day jitters that come with going back to school, both parents and children alike. With any new change comes discomfort, which is expected with any movement and growth. The question is, how do we adequately prepare our children and families for the new experiences that come with transitioning grades, schools, and social settings?

Some tips that can help both parents and children get into the Back to School Mindset:

  1. Effective Communication: Talking with your families about plans, what to expect, etc.
  2. Plan Accordingly: Planning routes, contingency planning, meals, transportation
  3. Shop Together: Obtain the needed supplies which will allow for optimal success for your child
  4. Get Them Involved: Research after-school programs and extracurricular activities that may be of interest to your child
  5. Balance: Above all else, allow time for self-care and recreational activities. As people, we cannot work hard if we do not have the space to relax and recharge.

So now, as the reader, I ask you, What do you do to get ready for the school year? 

Hope everyone has a great first week!